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6 Ways to Be More Productive in 2018

As you know, I love the ability to organize, categorize and optimize all parts of my life. Throughout 2017, I?ve had the opportunity to sample?different productivity systems in an academic and professional setting. Adjusting to full-time work was truly a challenge but I?m adjusting thanks to new productivity tools. With my latest resources and new …


Your Biggest Obstacle: Overcoming Entrepreneurial Failure

Welcome back to the Entrepreneurship Series on B Chic University. Up until this post, we?ve discussed many useful tools and strategies to get your business off the ground. Now that November is wrapping up, hopefully, you?re ready to launch (at least) an introduction to your brand. This is a lot to work on and I …


Job Hunting Strategies

Looking for a new career these days can be exhausting. One of my graduate studies professors boasted the need to apply to 50 positions in order to hear back from 10…and most of those 10 are interview declinations! However, this process can be a lot less stressful with a bit of organization. In today?s post, …