The ‘Zero Dollar Day’ Challenge

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Updated January 30, 2020

Recently, I read this article and it got me thinking about my own financial adjustments. I love the simple budgeting strategy that encourages you to spend less than you make.

The idea of this strategy is to increasingly save more by spending less each month. Essentially, you stockpile more money from what was leftover the previous month.

I revisited this idea when I finally got my first raise at the full-time gig and wanted to start saving more. I figured the best idea would be to have a “no-spend (more like low-spend)” pay period. Very quickly, I realized that it wouldn’t work. Although I felt a bit defeated at first, I embraced the situation. Here’s why…

My fiance and I went grocery shopping and went way over budget. We got so many needed items, including bathroom essentials and I’m hoping that it will balance out next week when our load is a bit lighter. (also this meant less grocery store runs midweek where our weekly totals ended up averaging the same).

Since moving out of my parent’s home a few months ago, I truly cherish the time I have visiting them and my little brother (the dog). So when my mom suggested that we go out to breakfast, I was all in. I knew that I would regret spending the money I did not plan out, but not as much as regretting not having this time with them.

Lastly, I started to second guess my planned activities and whether I should still spend money on them. I had a co-workers’ Happy Hour, a movie date with a friend, and visited State Fair with my babe. Although easily skippable, I love time out with the people I know and care instead of another night in washing dishes and watching Hulu.

In the end, this challenge opened my eyes to the spending I do in a given pay period and encouraged me to reorganize my finances. I will be taking a fresh look at my checking and savings and optimizing those. Additionally, I plan to start investing small amounts with the Qapital app so I can feel like progress is being made in the savings department as well!

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