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This week’s podcast episode jumpstarts our new format as we walk down through the courtyard of our old schools as we Work from Home. That’s right, we’re taking a walk down memory lane with a fresh twist. Today’s topics packaged in yesterday’s college terminology. Welcome to the B Chic University podcast, class is in session.

Kicking it in the Cafe: Lifestlye

  • Teddy Riley verzuz Babyface—what happened?!
  • Apparently everyone is a podcaster now
  • What else is going on in the world?

Sallie Mae: Money Moves, Even with Looming Student Loans

Dean’s List: Scoring Points for Promotions, Raises, and Praises

  • Show up for yourself everyday, even if you are just working from home.
  • Give yourself grace when you can’t do everything you once did in the office.
  • Leverage the free time to spruce up your LinkedIn profile and resume.

Extra Credit

I’m super excited about my new job, and now I’m anxiously waiting to get into the office to decorate my desk!…and meet my co-workers of course. Here’s some of my finds:

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