What’s all the hype about the 12 Week Year?!

I did it! I’ve finished my first book of 2023 thanks to Audible. I’m sure like you, I like to listen to my content over reading it and that has helped me finish this book I’ve had my eyes on for some months now.

The 12 Week Year challenges the notion that it takes 12 months to reach a goal. I recap the book and it’s concepts before rolling into my own analysis of how it’s impacted my life, formalized my goal reaching strategies, and expectations for future goal setting in 2023 and beyond.

And as promised, here are the links I referenced in this episode:

The 12 Week Year (Amazon book link)
12weekyear.com (official book/brand website)
Hoopla (audiobook streaming)
12 Week Year Notion template

4:03 – Book Recap starts
16:22 – My Early Results
22:36 – My First 12-Week Year

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