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Brittani Ball


I help women get clear on their money goals in order to step into their soft girl era. Not only do we strive for financial freedom, but also with our career, passions, and purpose.

Content Creator. Budgeting Enthusiast. 

Hey, I’m Brittani and I’m a recovered spend-a-holic. Now, I still love to spend my money and do some sweet sweet shopping but I’ve learned to find balance in it all. I’m on a mission to help millennial women find balance in their feminine journey through budgeting, splurging, and wealth building on a modest income.

Since marrying my “high school sweetheart” in 2019, we’ve lived in three states, bought a home, sold our home, adopted a puppy, and planned plenty of trips and experiences. I believe the key to my little family’s wanderlust success was budgeting. With my 10+ years of learning, executing and refining—I think I found a realistic budgeting system that works for me and women like me.

I’ve been doing this blog thing since 2015, which soon was followed by my online course, podcast, YouTube channel, Etsy shops, and now the B Chic Collective membership. I also have a bachelor’s degree in Music Business and a master’s in Arts Management. So, I literally have formal training in running an online content creator business with the budgeting experience to back it up.

I have a vision to help 1,000 women realize their goals and maintain the ability to financially seize an opportunity no matter when it comes her way. Are you ready to hop on this train and take the money journey of a lifetime?