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College Survival Guide (2nd Edition)

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After 5 years, the second edition is here! Complete with updated activities and advice for a COVID-impacted student experience and new digital studying tools/advice.

Strolling past the library, I directed a guy to the College of Business for his class. It was my first day of freshman year! My FIRST day in college. I was elated at the fact that I was "so knowledgeable" early on. Of course, I had much more learning to do but I was off to a great start. So how did I survive?

After much research, trial and error, and hard work; I felt it necessary to put together the College Survival Guide. This short 48-page read is jam-packed with tips, bomb hashtags and challenges to prep for college. Use your last few weeks of summer, first few weeks of college, or even time smack dab in the middle to get your life in order with the College Survival Guide from B Chic.

I hate to read and I’m sure most of you do too. That’s why I created this short book. It has mostly bullet points, humor and real advice that you can put to use before day one of classes. Don’t you want to keep reading?!

College can be daunting, emerging into a new culture. However, easier than impossible, you can overcome the life transition. And I'm here to help! Under the blog brand, B Chic, it's first e-book is dedicated to my favorite people, college students.

Topics covered include: College Finances, Classes, Campus Dorms, Home, Campus Life, Extracurricular Activities, Personal Wellness
You will get a PDF (10MB) file

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