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Basic Budgeting Skills with Google Sheets

Straight Forward Money Management with Goal Setting and Google Sheets

Do you want a new budget system that actually works? Something that’s not complicated but is still effective? I had the same problem and tried all the apps, spreadsheet templates and even budget binders from mom bloggers on Pinterest. It was either too restrictive, lacking direction or was simply too complicated.

In this course, you will learn how to use my Google Sheets template for creating a monthly budget. I created this template over a year ago and still use it for myself. I’ve taken my background in personal organization, non-profit financial management, and accounting knowledge to create something straightforward and effective.

The key to REAL budgeting is organizing your thoughts, setting goals, and monitoring your activity. In this course, you’ll learn how to do all of that for the ultimate personal financial management experience.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Set financial goals
  • Identify your wants and needs in your spending
  • Learn how to navigate my budget template
  • Create your monthly budget in 30 minutes or less
  • Analyze your daily spending to adjust to your financial goals

Not only will this course focus on developing your financial goals, but taking an in-depth look into the template and customizing it for your own personal finances. You’ll have a clear understanding of what you do with your money to reach your goals.

This course contains:

  • Short and straightforward instructional videos
  • Hands-on activities from the start
  • Downloadable workbook
  • Instructor support in customizing your budget from the template
  • Bonus money management resources at the end of the course

Join this course if you love the flexibility of Google Drive and want a new and effective budget system!

Bonus Content! There are additional lessons talking about money mindset and personal money management. These best practices will help you get out of the cycle of paycheck to paycheck living and thinking small about what you can do and how you can earn more.

This is a beginner level personal finance course in English (US). Course content is a combination of video, PDF worksheets, and written articles.

What You Will Learn

  • Students will be able to identify and create a money calendar to be integrated in their monthly budget.
  • Students will be able to build a realistic budget in 30 minutes or less using Google Sheets.
  • Students will be able to analyze their spending habits and adjust their monthly budget accordingly.
  • Students will be able to customize the Google Sheets budget template to match their unique monthly budget situation.

Prerequisites for Taking This Course

  • Be able to list your current expenses and example purchases you make in a week.
  • Basic understanding of Google Sheets such as completing tabs and creating new tabs.

Who This Course Is For

  • Entry level employees working in a corporate environment.
  • Someone who finds themselves overspending or barely has money to last a full pay period.
  • Beginner budgeters who still find themselves missing bill due dates.
  • Someone looking to organize their money before setting huge savings goals.

Course curriculum

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Basic Budgeting Skills with Google Sheets


Brittani Ball (@missbchic)

Content Creator. Budgeting Enthusiast.

Hey, I’m Brittani and I’m a recovered spend-a-holic. Now, I still love to spend my money and do some sweet sweet shopping but I’ve learned to find balance in it all. I’m on a mission to help black millennial women find balance in their feminine journey through budgeting, splurging, and wealth building on a modest income.

Since marrying my “high school sweetheart” in 2019, we’ve lived in three states, bought a home, sold our home, adopted a puppy, and planned plenty of trips and experiences. I believe the key to my little family’s wanderlust success was budgeting. With my 10+ years of learning, executing and refining—I think I found a realistic budgeting system that works for me and women like me.

I’ve been doing this blog thing since 2015, which soon was followed by my online course, podcast, YouTube channel, Etsy shops, and now the B Chic Collective membership. I also have a bachelor’s degree in Music Business and a master’s in Arts Management. So, I literally have formal training in running an online content creator business with the budgeting experience to back it up.

I have a vision to help 1,000 women realize their goals and maintain the ability to financially seize an opportunity no matter when it comes her way. Are you ready to hop on this train and take the money journey of a lifetime?